Cooking Challenge 2016

I love to bake, and I want to love to cook more.  I want to challenge myself to know more and be even more comfortable in the kitchen.  One of my favorite activities is to take a cooking class and learn tips and tricks to make life in my kitchen easier.


Here is what I would like to make this year:

  1.  Meringue pie
  2. Homemade Ravioli
  3. Chinese food – sesame chicken, kaipow chicken, cashew chicken (one or more of these) – 2/6/16 – Made chicken salad rolls
  4. Drunken Chicken 2/6/16: Recipe found here
  5. Cheesecake
  6. Go To Salad – that packs well for lunch -tried Asian chicken salad with ramen noodles (okay- dressing needs to be separate for work) 3-9-16 Mojito Shrimp Salad – very good 4/6/16
  7. Homemade S’mores (marshmallows & graham crackers)
  8. Can fruits or veggies
  9. Break Down a chicken 3-28-16
  10. Coq au Vin
  11. Passion fruit tart or pie
  12. Shrimp Pad Thai

I promise to share recipes of those that I have tried, follow links and to take pictures in the future of some of my cooking adventures or misadventures whatever they may be.


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