Let’s Talk: Accountability

So I just started journaling again in April to help keep me accountable on gratitude and prayer. If I don’t write it down it is like I didn’t do it. I need accountability in my life. I need my sister texting to ask what mile I am at in my 1000 mile journey this year, as of today, 185. I need my exercise buddy at the pool to call me and be excited and talk and distract me from my legs feeling like jelly. Dinner club to cook with me and to step up my cooking game. I just can’t bring peanut butter sandwiches everywhere. And I need the friend who says they are praying for me, and asks me what I have been learning lately and calls me out on when they know I keep continuing to disobey. Accountability is important to growth. Jesus had a group of disciples around him and they held each other accountable. “Peter, do you need that cookie?” “Simon, did you really not believe us when we told you we saw Christ” “John, come join us for prayer group tonight” And other examples for sure. It tells us over and over again in the Bible that meeting together is good “Where two or three are gathered there I will be” And with those friendships and accountability it can help us change and become more like Christ. Growing up I one of my dad’s friends would always ask me randomly what I read in the Bible that day, and when I said nothing he would suggest a certain passage of scripture. I never felt judged for not reading my Bible but encouraged to go and read.
I know that I’m not doing what is right when I don’t want to be held accountable for anything. What is something you are glad someone held you accountable for?


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