40 by 40 or as I like to call it Eeeeek List

Big birthdays scare and motivate me all at the same time.  This is the list that started me moving again.  Motivated me to pursue things that I love or that I need to get off my lazy butt and start doing.  I appreciate all encouragement and look forward to sharing my journey with you.


My greatest goal in life is to say I was made for this! And live a life fully embracing the strength, struggle, joy and sorrow that is life while showing God’s love to others. I was made for that.

1. See 2 or more natural wonders of the world (Great barrier reef, mt. Everest, northern lights, Victoria falls, migration of the wildebeest, Harbor at Rio) & the grand canyon falls under the 7 but I have seen that one
2. Go to Italy & eat pasta
3. Ride the London Eye
4. Buy a House
5. Lose 100 lbs and keep it off
6. Hot Air Balloon Ride
7. Adopt
8. Find a job I really enjoy
9. Grow my hair past my shoulder blades and then donate it
10. Make something beautiful
11. Support 3 missionaries and visit and see what they do
12. Memorize a book of the Bible
13. Send out 2 cards every month for a year (birthday, valentine’s, just because) – I love snail mail and want to get better at sending
14. complete 5 – 5Ks for causes
15. Mojito master or some other signature drink master
16. Jimmy Fallon show A. go to B. be tweeted on
17. Strengths finder coach
18. Be known as a prayer warrior (prayer journal, set aside time each day to pray, fast for a weekend)
19. Have a heirloom quilt made Have one from grandparents clothes 12/25/15
20. Complete cooking challenge each year (60 new recipes tried by eek – 40)
21. Go to Austin Texas
22. wear only dresses or skirts for one month (participate in Dressember)
23. Go 6 months in a row without buying any new clothes
24. Take a photography class/ Take a photo taking tour
25. Learn conversationally another language
26. Exercise regularly (3x a week for 30 min) for 12 months (make it a habit!!!)
27. Be able to reach beyond my toes – from the seated position
28. Travel somewhere new by myself for the weekend
29. Participate in a Craft Weekend
30. Have a signature dish and/or dessert or just be able to fix something quickly that is good for guests and myself
31. Win a Photo contest
32. Make and give as gift of homemade Jelly
33. Find the perfect shade of lipstick and rock it
34. Learn to use my photoshop program effectively
35. Learn how to decorate cakes
36. Join a book club
37. Start or join a dinner club 1/31/16 – first meeting 3/18/16 – 2nd meeting 4/17 – 3rd meeting
38. Visit Yosemite
39. a year of gratitude journal
40. Girls Trip once a year – start a tradition